What it’s like being a Java dev at Koios

We had a chat with Dominik who has been working as a Java Dev at Koios for a little over a year. His experience is overwhelmingly positive, which is to say that you might also like working at Koios (if you like working on complex and highly secure projects in the financial industry).

Do you remember your first working day?
On my first day, I met Marijeta, Branko and Marko. We had a cup of coffee together, while they briefed me on current projects, clarified clients’ needs in these cases and gave me my first task. It didn’t take me long to start writing useful scripts based on client needs.

What exactly do Java devs do?
My job is to build Java scripts for Atlassian and meet client functionality requirements. Since I work for a bank, I can not share much, but I can tell you that the bank we work for is known for product innovation and customer care. The work is dynamic, projects are exciting, and the team is excellent. There are hardly any “Just change this script a bit; it’s just 5 minutes work” because we all know it’s never like that. The work atmosphere is excellent, and I am delighted to be here.

Anything to share with future colleagues?
Just be brave.