What do Data Scientists do at Koios

Koios always welcomes patient and focused Data Scientists to dig out diamonds of cognition from the mountains of data and lead companies to a treasure trove of excellent business results. Before you call around asking about Koios, listen to Ivan, who’s been there for 4 years.

Do you remember your first working day?
Not really, I remember meeting Vlatko, Adam and Ana, who also work in the Data Science R&D department.

What exactly do you do as a Data Scientist?
DS is the intersection of computer science, statistics and data processing. I develop advanced algorithms that extract relevant numbers and metrics from statistical data, data about customers and their habits, and other databases. My work helps clients make informed and data-driven business decisions faster and with better results. I’m like Baba Vanga, but instead of reading palms, I use real and concrete data, and my results are actually accurate. In this day and age, only fools make decisions without data to substantiate and explain them.

What do you like or dislike about your job?
I love developing new advanced Machine Learning algorithms, but I don’t like preparing data for them, which is, like 75-90% of my workload. Tables, tables, tables are super annoying, but the results and conclusions are often fascinating and, most importantly, accurate.

Got an anecdote to share?
Company default predictions can be fun if we don’t communicate model accuracy metrics up front; end numbers can be shocking. While in some metrics a score of 0.8 is excellent, in others it is utter failure. You should see the clients’ faces when you present them with such a number, and the relief they show when they find out it’s actually a great result.

Something to tell future colleagues?
Come quickly, because the data never stops coming in.