Koios hosted Matt Mulford’s negotiation training

From the 17th to the 19th of March, Koios had the exceptional honor to be a host for Matthew Mulford’s negotiation practice in the Zagreb office!

Matthew Mulford is a well-known expert in the field of negotiations who worked at prestigious universities like London’s School of Economics and Paris’s HEC. He has developed a highly effective training program for those seeking to improve their negotiating skills. His program is designed to provide individuals and teams with the tools and techniques necessary to achieve better outcomes in their negotiations.

Mulford’s training program focuses on the following key areas:

Preparation: The first step in any negotiation is to prepare. Mulford emphasizes the importance of understanding your own needs and priorities, as well as those of the other party. By doing so, you can create a plan that takes into account the interests of both parties and maximizes the potential for a successful outcome.

Communication: Effective communication is critical in any negotiation. Mulford teaches individuals and teams how to communicate clearly and effectively, including how to listen actively, ask the right questions, and convey your message in a way that resonates with the other party.

Strategy: Negotiation is a strategic process, and Mulford’s training program provides individuals and teams with the tools they need to develop effective negotiation strategies. This includes understanding the other party’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying potential areas of compromise, and developing a plan for achieving your objectives.

Relationship building: Negotiation is not just about getting what you want, it’s also about building and maintaining relationships. Mulford teaches individuals and teams how to build trust and rapport with the other party, as well as how to maintain those relationships over time.

Mulford’s training program is highly effective because it is based on real-world experience. He has negotiated multi-million dollar deals for some of the world’s largest companies, and he brings that expertise to his training program. His program is also highly interactive, with participants engaging in role-playing exercises and other activities that simulate real-world negotiations.

Overall, Matthew Mulford’s negotiation training program proved to be an excellent choice for individuals and experts in Koios and will definitely help them in further negotiating challenges.