Money Motion 2024: Koios sponsored “the only fintech conference you should attend”

The second year of Money Motion exceeded all expectations, establishing itself as the largest fintech conference in the region. This year, it found a grand setting at the Zagreb Fair, drawing significant interest. Attracting over 2000 visitors and more than 80 speakers, both domestic and foreign, it gathered the biggest names of the regional fintech, crypto, and blockchain scenes over two days. Of course, we were there too, seizing the opportunity to enhance the Money Motion 2024 through our sponsorship.

Fondly referred to by its organizers as “the only fintech conference you should attend”, this year’s edition made a significant leap forward by moving to the Zagreb Fair, definitely placing it on the European map of conferences within this rapidly growing industry. The expo area alone spanned 1500m², with the main conference area even larger. Considering this is only the second year for the organizers, the production was particularly impressive, promising even more innovations and improvements in the years to come.

With a plethora of intriguing talks, an even larger number of noteworthy speakers, panel discussions, and fireside chats, Money Motion truly offers everything in one place! Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a decision-maker in a fintech corporation, you’d definitely find something that piques your interest.

This is definitely the best and largest fintech conference in the area. Anyone who cares about their fintech brand, with a target market in our region, simply shouldn’t think twice about coming here. As sponsors, we undoubtedly belong here and I’m already looking forward to Money Motion 2025“, stated Sanda Mesarov, our business analyst.

Beyond the captivating lectures, our booth in the expo area was also a hub of excitement. We met numerous colleagues from the industry, opened the door to new business opportunities, and had a great time. The organizers, aside from the conference itself, threw excellent parties on both days, which we, of course, did not miss.

To sum up, we thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Money Motion and can’t wait to return as sponsors next year!